Do you sometimes wonder why it is that some people seem to lead 'charmed' lives, whilst you are constantly consumed with insecurity, worry and doubt?
Well it doesn't have to be like that for you. With guidance and application of the right techniques, -with the help of a gifted person, you can lose your burden and your life can become charmed. 

-Eli Orr.
Below is how it happened for me... how I discovered my strength

"I was in crisis in my life... but one night an entity appeared in front of me"

He was just the most amazing spiritual being. He looked straight into my eyes and said: "The truth will set you free" I'll never forget the enormity an implications of those words. From there, I started to get honest with where I was at, who I was, and where I wanted to go, -I realised that all the baggage I had, all the things that had gone on in my life, had been sent to me for a reason. I knew in my heart I was a healer, and those words of his set me free. They put me on a journey of self-preservation and self healing.

Ever since I was little, I could see energies around plants and visions around people. I could feel if something was or wasn't right. I believe that everyone has this ability; lt's just that they're asleep, it's not until they wish to 'wake up' to the fact that their abilities and intuitions can kick in. My work is not about thunder and lightning revelations, it's more simple than that, somehow more like a deep reality check. I can't teach people anything; I can only help them discover things for themselves.

With mediumship, we can liaise with people who have 'passed over'.

My psychic ability is intuition, and looking at what your needs are at the moment and how we can achieve a better life.

With clairvoyance, I see in front of me, it's an auric field with the colours that surround you.
I may ask a simple question, and you give me the answer, but your aura may tell me a completely different story. And that's where I can help you realign your realities.

People think clairvoyants will literally read their future, No clairvoyant can really read anybody's future, but we can use intuition to give you guidance as to where you are at the moment and how you might move to better things. I sometimes get sceptics. A man came to me with major health problems. He said he didn't believe, but I asked him what he had to lose. He went through the healing, said he felt a little different and left. He came back a few months later and said, "l'm gob-smacked; they (my problems) are gone". l asked him if he was still a sceptic and he replied "no".

All I ask is that people open their heart and mind, that they don't shut me out.

Today, I feel an inner peace that I never felt before. I know that I have choices. I have a wonderful relationship with my husband, children and grandchildren. I feel I have something to offer the World. It's nothing to do with money; inner peace is so much more important. Know that life is precious: it's about learning lessons, not feeling trapped, and believing that there are always choices... Just hand over, don't paddle against the stream, lift the paddles and go with the flow. Don't try to force life to happen, it's never going to work, and you just get sick.

Inside of us is where the answers and treasures are. If everybody healed themselves, the World would be a far, far better place.