“Thank you for helping me to finally feel like me. For the first time I can remember, I finally feel completely at peace. The turmoil that constantly stirred in my head has gone. I can now take each day as it comes, without worrying about every little thing”.
— Ellen, Victoria
I know you won’t remember me specifically, but I saw you about 4 weeks ago and you asked me to humour you with getting my heart tested. I did that as I was then more aware of something not being right. Tests have shown I have a second degree atrioventricular block. Have to have a few more tests and then see a Cardiologist in 5 weeks time. Maybe my angels sent me there to you about that really and not about a stupid boy who was pulling on my heart strings, a bit ironic I guess. But thank you! 💋 Without seeing you I would never have known.

”I first went to see Eli in June 2009 and have been a regular client since. Eli has had an amazing impact on my life, allowing me to see things in a new light. She opened my eyes to the life I was living and allowed me to come out of the empty shell that I had been.

She told me about things about me that I had told no one, and initially gave me hope to move on from my own unhappiness. I connected very deeply with Eli, sharing similar life experiences in a way. The word accurate doesn’t describe the things Eli has ‘predicted’ or told me about. I have tried to describe to friends what it is like when I see Eli, and words can’t describe my readings with her. The details of new beginnings have been freakishly spot on and how my life has played out continues to make us giggle when I return to see her.

Eli has connected me with loved ones who have passed, and I cherish those moments when they take place. While she maintains I am the one who has turned my life around, I can only thank Eli for giving me hope, strength, courage and confidence to make the changes. I am so glad that I met Eli when I did . I’ve met my soul mate and have a whole, new happy life ahead of me.
— Kirby, Qld

”I feel like you have pieced me back together, thanks. Eli you are incredible... you have given and shown me so much, I am so grateful to you”.
— Brie, MLB

“I had undergone quite a few hypnotherapy sessions which never seemed to get to the root of the problem. Eli’s healing uncovered the moment that was responsible for this affliction, and things have been very different for me ever since.

I feel like a big weight has been lifted and have been more confident and relaxed as a result. Thank you so much Eli”.

“Eli has an exceptional unique gift assisting clients to resolve trauma and repressed emotions from all levels of consciousness. My life has been transformed since working with Eli. I now can see a real future and feel happy to be here on this earth plane, whereas before I was looking to leave it”.

— patsie, California